Our story

The Glynnview Multi-Professional Practice (GMPP) was formed when Life Glynnview Psychiatric Hospital was established. The hospital was designed to provide the best possible mental healthcare in a tranquil and therapeutic environment. We wanted to ensure that professionals who consult at this hospital offered the highest quality care, and are held to the highest professional standards. We also wanted to create a cohesive team to take care of every patient admitted here.

The GMPP is a group of professionals from different specialties who have formally undertaken to provide the best possible care to patients admitted to Life Glynnview. We have made this commitment towards each other as a team, to Glynnview Psychiatric Hospital, and most importantly to our patients. By creating this practice we take ownership of the care we provide. We are held accountable by each member to uphold the highest ethical standards and the best mental health care possible. We continually assess our progress toward this end, and measure whether the outcomes consistently reflect this goal.

Offering the highest standards of mental healthcare, working in such a beautiful environment and in such a cohesive group, is a source of pride for each GMPP member. The Glynnview is the preferred hospital that patients recommend, doctors refer to, and which the industry follows.

We believe that working towards mental healthcare involves more than reducing mental illness, and that good mental health is attainable. We agree with the World Health Organization which states:
Mental health is a state of well-being in which every individual realises his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his/ her community (WHO).

Our Values:

  • Integrated and holistic care
  • Safe and nurturing environment
  • Transformative through empowerment
  • Transcendence and fulfillment
  • Responsive health care
  • Responsible and trusted

Our Vision:

Life Glynnview is a premier mental health care provider that patients recommend, doctors refer to, and which the industry follows.

Our Mission:

We aim to create a safe space for the purpose of nurturing sustainable mental health. We do this in an integrated and holistic manner, consistently providing necessary, respectful and responsive interventions for our patients and their families. We will excel at maintaining the highest standards by keeping abreast of both local and international developments of evidence based treatments, and best practice protocols within the field of mental health. We, as the GMPP, will be accountable to our team, our patients and shareholders. We aim to continually exceed the expectations of those served.

Contact us:
Tel (011) 741 5460/1


To all the staff, day and night, a big thank you. You have all been sincere, helpful, caring and most of all respectful to all my needs. When I was sick I was given the meds and care I needed. I felt very special. The quality of people, staff and courses is outstanding. Thank you for making my stay enjoyable and for equipping me with the tools I need when I leave here today.

- Sam*

A team of professional, good and helpful staff. They really are a true reflection of how medical staff should perform. –

- Bettie*

I would like to thank you for your friendliness, helpfulness and the opportunity to sort myself out in this peaceful environment.

- Ahmed*

Thank you so much for the selfless care, the smiles and making me feel welcome and on the way to recovery. Fantastic care and awesome staff!

- Zelda*

Thank you for all your support. I appreciate you so much and I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who is struggling. Everyone was amazing and great. You contribute more to healing patients than you realise.

- Jamie*

Thank you to all the staff who supported me through my darkest hours, and for everything I learned.

- Govan*

I think it would be good for everyone, well or not well, to make a turn here at least once. I am very happy I went through with it, it has changed my life! Thank you.

- Zanele*

Thank you for all the love, care and crying with me, and for understanding me. I love you guys.

- Tobogo*

All the staff are friendly and professional. I have been to many different facilities throughout South Africa, and this is by far the best! Just keep doing what you are doing. You are world class.

- Bongi*

All the staff and doctors: I had the time of my life. I improved my life and took a lot of value from being here. I feel I can be a better person. I felt safe and happy and will always be grateful for this experience.

- Niven*

This hospital gets a 5 star rating for all the care given by the staff and outside professionals. The patients are also very caring towards one-another.

- Reshmi*

I initially felt scared coming here, but everyone went out of their way to make it a pleasant environment. The staff are very friendly and helpful and make you feel cared for. I would definitely recommend the Glynnview to other people because it’s an investment in your life.

– Thato*

*Pseudonyms used to respect privacy